Lawn Bowls: The Popular Games in Australia Which Has Many Benefits

Lawn bowls is a game of concentration and precision and accuracy and involves rolling partial or irregular balls as close as possible to the white ball called ‘Jack’. This game is a popular activity for sport and recreation in Australia.

As sports does not involve lengthy and intense activity periods, it can be played by anyone. Lawn bowls is played for the challenge and competition, personal enjoyment, activity, the pleasure of spending some time outdoors, and social interaction, for those who want to make themselves more of a challenge. It’s also low-impact model and therapeutic exercise.

According to the data, the Australian Bureau of statistics, there were 245,000 of adults aged 15 years and over participating in lawn bowls in 2012.

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Health Benefits

Recommend health professionals play bowls, especially for older people, they also offer a number of health benefits, including:

  • Fitness – moderate lawn bowls helps improve muscle (arm, shoulder and leg muscles), flexibility and stamina.
  • Increased vascular skills – involves some elements of problem-solving skills, and also helps to improve coordination, focus
  • Mental health – the game gets you to the outdoors helps alleviate depression and anxiety.
  • Self sports like bowls garden involves turning up on time, and is organized by wearing the correct uniform.
  • Enhances confidence – participation in sport and help improve self-esteem gets you around and meeting people.
  • Social interaction – lawn bowls and help improve social skills and being part of a team as it gives you a feeling of belonging

Important Tips for First Time Players.

Although low intensity sport vessels, there are some injuries that could occur, the most common of these during play slips, falls from hit the pot and sprains from excessive stress on the green.

If you play the game for the first time, there are some tips to help prevent injury during play.

  • Make sure you get the right style and the right grip on the bowl.
  • Warm up early.
  • Using a cart to carry cardiovascular equipment if you cannot afford.
  • Wear the correct bowls clothing and accesories — wear a hat in the summer and warm closes when it gets cool.
  • Seek advice on wearing correct shoes.
  • When buying bowls for the first time, ask an expert to make sure they are the right size for you as bowls come in a range of different sizes (from00-5).
  • Make sure this will improve your performance and focus.

How to Join?

If you plan to be, contact your local club to see operating times and cost. Likely to be an annual fee for joining, although some clubs pay and facilities.

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